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fake id drivers license Colorado increases penalty for selling marijuana to minors DENVER, Colo. Adults who sell marijuana to minors in Colorado can now face felony charges under a new law implemented in the state, CBS Denver reports. Previously, shops caught selling marijuana to minors only received a fine and a slap on the wrist, according to the station. The tougher approach comes at the same time that recreational use of marijuana by adults was made legal in the state this year. Ron Kammerzell with the Colorado Department of Revenue tells CBS Denver that under the new law, the penalty for a minor who buys pot has also been increased. It is now a Class 1 misdemeanor instead of a Class 2, which is significant. "A Class 1 can generally have some jail time associated with it. A Class 2 does not," said Kammerzell. If a minor buys pot from a person who at least three years older, in either a shop or on the streets, the seller could also face a felony charge under the new legislation. Kammerzell says the goal is to protect children and bring pot laws in line with alcohol regulations. perforated state Gifts Galore fake licence
fake my id com Aims To Make Fake IDs Useless With Age Detection in API We asked Hirsch about the chances of a developer wanting to use the API for age verification getting inaccurate results, which could result in potential legal trouble, and if there is a policy in place to prevent developers from using it for such purposes."One prominent usecase our client services were trying to achieve with age estimation was to provide increased moderation and safety features such as kids appearing in video chat and photos shared by users," he tells us. "It is up to these services to decide how such results will be used, if at all. In short we do not provide the means to scan the entire internet or identify a stranger on the street through these basic limitations: (1) Limit of images that can be processed, (2) Limit recognition to 'people you know' (friends on Facebook, a personal contact list, etc)."