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fake canadian id Briton 'blackmailed Yankees manager after affair Louise Meanwell, 36, from Worcester, claims to have become pregnant during an affair with Brian Cashman, a married father of two. She is accused of extorting $6,000 (3,800) to get an abortion and then later trying to make him pay a further $15,000 (9,000), a sum she claimed was for further medical treatment. She appeared in court in Manhattan this week and claimed that Mr Cashman got her a fake identification card so that she could have the procedure under a false name. The general manager on a baseball team is one of the most prominent positions, and the case could be seriously damaging to Mr Cashman reputation. He is responsible for signing players and negotiating the multimillion dollar contracts of the stars of the New York Yankees, the most successful baseball team in history. However, Mr Cashman claims that Miss Meanwell, who also used the name Louise Neathway, is a who invented the pregnancy claims and then tried to extort money from him by threatening to go to the press. Mr Cashman said that he called police after she pestered him with phone calls, texts and emails, including an ultrasound picture she claimed was their unborn child. The court heard that Miss Meanwell has a history of stalking and harassment. Thirteen people have filed restraining orders against her. They include former boyfriends, her exhusband, her former motherinlaw and Mr Cashman wife. Former partners have told the US media of campaigns of harassment and extortion that Miss Meanwell allegedly carried out against them. Prosecutors say she extorted $50,000 (32,000) from one man. Miss Meanwell moved to the United States from England around 15 years ago. She claims she met Mr Cashman in 2006 through a charity and the pair began a relationship in April last year before she became pregnant in June. In an affidavit filed with the court this week, she says that Mr Cashman was when he was told about the pregnancy and added that he me that if I were to continue the pregnancy he would want nothing to do with me or the child The affidavit, seen by the New York Daily News, added: I informed Mr Cashman that I decided to terminate the pregnancy, he demanded that I provide him with two passportsize photographs so that he could obtain a fake ID. only did Mr Cashman obtain a fake ID for me in the name of Rosalita Gonzalez, he also took care in finding a clinic to provide the abortion service and car service for me on the day of the procedure. Mr Cashman provided emotional support and was quite decent to me in the days after the procedure. fake id websites Case Closed. We’ve Got the Best Buys in Town fake government id
legit fake id Busch May Be Illegally Targeting Teens with Energy Drinks We've already established that original energy drinks are marketed for a younger audience. In fact, we know that about 65 percent of energy drink consumers are under the age of 35. But, what about the marketing for these new energy/alcohol drinks? Are the beverage manufacturers targeting the younger audience? And, if that's the case, are these companies promoting alcohol to people not yet of a legal drinking age? In other words, are alcohol companies illegally targeting our young, vulnerable and UNDERAGE minors by choosing to sell these products? I believe the energy drink manufacturers target young people for two main reasons. The first is that teenagers are probably more susceptible to the claims that the energy drink companies make. And, this younger demographic is often out all night partying, as compared to more responsible adults who value sleep and a good night's rest. Thus as a result, most energy drinks are developed for and targeted at the younger generation. And they are targeted to appeal to extreme sports enthusiasts and a young hip hop crowd. The advertising campaigns appeal to these groups by naming beverages Crunk or GoFast! The attorney generals have also requested an investigation into alcoholic energy drinks classification as a malt beverage. Malt beverages generally have a lower percentage of alcoholic content contained in the drink. Classification in many states enables cheaper and broader sales. This in turn leads to wider availability to young people than distilled spirits or hard liquors, which are typically harder to get. I mean, its no big secret that underagers are much more likely to hit up a gas station for some beer rather than risk using a fake ID at a liquor store, where cashiers are more likely to scrutinize identification. Before I go, a quick reminder as a fellow parent, who not only doesn't want her children jittering around like jumping beans, but who also wants them to be healthy. Remember that even without the alcohol, caffeine in large doses isn't healthy for children. Childrens' brains and bones are still developing until around age 21 and high caffeine consumption has been linked to stunted growth, pregnancy problems, osteoporosis, insomnia and other ailments. FOX NEWS NETWORK, LLC makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this web site feature and its associated sites. Nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of your own counsel.